Copper Bracelets for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Copper Bracelets for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Why Copper Bracelets?

Did you know that the copper bracelet is not merely worn as a fashion
accessory, but it is said to have therapeutic health benefits to the wearer?
There have been many different studies that have researched into health
benefits and separate the myth from the reality.

Does wearing copper really give you positive health benefits or does it merely
provide the wearer with a placebo effect with no actual beneficial changes to
the body?
Copper is well documented within history throughout different civilizations for
its use as medicinal purposes. Within the Egyptian civilization we witness
recorded inscriptions of usage at this time, whereby it is thought that
Pharaohs would decorate and embellish their arms, necks and heads with
copper jewelry believing it would help save them from their aliments- much
like many still believe now. There has also been copper remains found from
the Iron Age from excavations that show copper jewelry was even present
within this era.

Whilst fashions change and develop, the copper bracelet has also evolved
into a variety of different designs- but the purpose for healing remains the

In this article we take a look at some of the commonly associated health
benefits with wearing a copper bracelet.

Copper is thought to have invisible healing properties and medicinal purposes;
the most common being around the treatment of arthritis or joint pain,
boosting the immune system, treating iron deficiency and anaemia, and
promoting cardiovascular health.


Whilst there are many scientific studies that say there are no proven benefits
to wearing a copper bracelet for sufferers of arthritis and joint pain, the subject
remains very widely debated amongst those that have experienced noticeable
benefits themselves and highly advocate the wearing of a copper bracelet for
joint discomfort and pain.

Early users of copper reported that with extensive use and contact with this
metal onto the skin, they noticed that their symptoms were alleviated, and
allowed more free movement of the joints. This is where it is thought that the
idea of sculpting this metal into something wearable such as a copper bracelet
began from.

The healing benefits of ingesting copper through diet are well documented
and scientifically proven, whilst however the benefit from wearing copper still
remains not medically verified and under debate. Copper is absorbed by the
body into the bloodstream from it being in constant connection with the skin,
and it is believed that the healing elements of the copper are then distributed
around the body to the joint pains that need it. Although there is no scientific
backing to wearing copper bracelets, they are regarded by health individuals
as something that won’t cause the body any harm and is thought to be well
worth trying to see if it alleviates symptoms as a holistic approach to healing.

For the most effective results the copper bracelet should be worn all day every
day- much like that of any other piece of jewelry that remains on you always
such as a wedding ring or engagement ring as this gives you the maximum
chance for copper absorption by the body.

The body has the ability to store copper that is not needed- and use when it is
needed- and so the prolonged wearing of a copper bracelet won’t cause any
harm to the body. The body can, however, suffer from problems when it
receives too much copper- however the doses would need to be substantial
and would likely be taken orally for problems to occur.

Boosting Immune System

Copper has positive effects on helping the body to fight infections and
strengthen the immune system.  Copper is a trace mineral- or an ‘essential
mineral’ that the body needs in small doses which come from our food that are
crucial to keeping in well health and developing. So copper is a necessary
component of our survival. It contains antimicrobial properties which help to
fight and combat viruses and bacteria. Pure copper bracelets contain micro
minerals iron and zinc. When the bracelet worn on the skin is combined with
the wearers sweat it becomes absorbed into the bloodstream directly. This
way is said to be absorbed better than taking supplements as it does not need
to pass through the liver.

Iron Deficiency and Anemia

Iron deficiency across the World is a growing problem especially within
women. It is responsible for a huge percentage of anemic people worldwide.
The impacts of iron deficiency and anemia result in fatigue, reduced
resistance to infections, adult females experience a decreased body
temperature regulation, stunted growth and mental development. This is not
something experienced in only developing countries such as India- where the
problem is severe, but it also found in developed countries such as the USA
and United Kingdom where the problem is significant also. Many foods are
fortified with iron within them in order to try and help combat the problem,
whilst the are hundreds of iron supplements readily available on the high
street and in supermarkets to buy over the counter.

Copper bracelets which have trace elements of iron and zinc in are a holistic
and natural way of getting iron into the body. A process of transdermal
micronutrition which simply means minerals and vitamins delivered through
the skin happens when the bracelet is worn on the skin.

Wearing a copper bracelet provides a non-invasive and inexpensive way of
providing supplementation of iron which will help with iron deficiency and
anemia. These bracelets provide no known negative medical side effects, the
only notable effect that some wearers experience is that some people can get

a discoloration of the skin, or if you suffer from metal allergies you might get a
skin irritation from the copper bracelet.

Supporting Cardiovascular Health

Copper deficiency is linked with cardiovascular disease. Copper promotes
elasticity within the blood vessels which regulates the maintenance of healthy
blood pressure. This elasticity is vital for the aorta which is the main artery
running from the heart to pump the blood around the body. It cannot function
properly if the elastic framework is weakened, and copper plays part in this
muscle health. Research has shown that low levels of copper within the body
has been linked with high blood pressure. Copper bracelets provide another
way in which to get the mineral into the body in turn supporting cardiovascular
health benefits to the wearer.

As explored within this article it is clear to see that whilst no hard medical
evidence suggests that wearing a copper bracelet directly provides any
medical benefits the evidence that it aids copper absorption into the
bloodstream which then does have a bearing on a number of different health
benefits is clear to see.

They are attractive, fashionable, relatively inexpensive, safe to use, give no
long negative side effects, and provide a natural holistic way of treating

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