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Most Attractive Butterfly seed paper to Manifest your dreams wishes

Most Attractive Butterfly seed paper to Manifest your dreams wishes

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Best Design Butterfly seed paper with seeds of wild flowers.

In his inspiring book, Plant a Seed, Yank a Weed, reveals the secret to living the life of your dreams. Using personal examples, Willem explains that your outlook and actions are the result of seeds that have been planted and nurtured in your mind from an early age, they may be seeds of love, knowledge, and happiness or they may be weeds of fear, anger, and self-loathing. Positive seeds will grow into trees that will support you throughout the ups and downs of life. Negative seeds will turn into weeds that will bring obstacles to you and others. With unfaltering enthusiasm, Willem gives the reassurance that you are in control of the seeds that take root within. You can yank out harmful weeds and plant the seeds of happiness, love, success, health, and knowledge in their place. With practical advice, Willem will empower you to change your life for the better. You will learn ways to improve all the key aspects of your life, including your happiness, finances, health, and relationships.


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Handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA

Every piece is dedicated to a special feeling, intention and conveys a personal message to its wearer. Whether that is a reminder, an encouragement, an energy to encode the wearer with.

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