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Dainty Peridot Diamond Necklace - August Birthstone

Dainty Peridot Diamond Necklace - August Birthstone

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Casual, Minimal, everyday gemstone cord Necklace with adjustable Sterling silver lobster clasp Adjustable cord necklace 16”- 18” Made of Natural Gemstones. The Necklaces are simple and light weight. Each Necklace comes with a card with a watercolor Mandala art and healing properties of the crystal (as shown in photo) Each Necklace is handcrafted, and the gemstones are natural & unique so the order, size & shape of the gemstones will differ.

***Disclaimer Healing’ is a general non-medical term used throughout this shop to describe one of the beneficial and energetic properties of natural gemstones. All properties attributed to the gemstones sold on this website are based on ancient folklore and traditional uses. All ‘healing’ or ‘energy’ jewelry sold on this shop is created with the intent to assist with the increase or balancing of subtle energy vibrations within the body. The products and information found here are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice.


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Handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA

Every piece is dedicated to a special feeling, intention and conveys a personal message to its wearer. Whether that is a reminder, an encouragement, an energy to encode the wearer with.

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