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Hamsa Bracelets Casual, Boho, Spiritual, Tie Closure

Hamsa Bracelets Casual, Boho, Spiritual, Tie Closure

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Each Bracelet is handmade and approximately 12” long.

These bracelets are casual and has Tie closure. It can worn throughout the day till the cord begins to fray. Card measures 3 x 4” and can be customized with a different message, name.

Many cultures have wish bracelets. Make a wish as you tie the bracelet, it is believed that your wish comes true when the cord becomes to fray. Although perfect as a little gift on its own, this little wish bracelets can be popped into a card or sent along with a gift.


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Handcrafted in Pittsburgh, PA

Every piece is dedicated to a special feeling, intention and conveys a personal message to its wearer. Whether that is a reminder, an encouragement, an energy to encode the wearer with.

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